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There are a few things I realized I had done that pertain to Hearthfire (I don't know if anyone actually reads my journals, but this isn't worthy of a real piece of work) and you should probably know them just to have some clearer understanding of some of the terms and lore I use in the story. The first and easiest thing to talk about are the Ages. In the edited version of the first chapter it's mentioned that the eighth age (the present) is called the Age of the Dragon. Also keep in mind that the information in that prologue is not necessarily entirely accurate because it's a story that Iauron is telling to a group of children. The eight ages are as follows:
  1. Age of Awakening - 613 years
  2. Age of Discovery - approx. 15,000 years
  3. Age of Men - approx. 1,800 years
  4. Age of Magic - approx. 390 years
  5. Age of the Colossus - approx. 700 years
  6. Age of the Empire - approx. 2,000 years
  7. Age of Peace - approx. 3,000 years
  8. Age of the Dragon - unknown
The changing and naming of ages is up to a group of people on the east coast of the nearest continent (Zërashos) to the west of Gaeleda called the Shi'ra-Tavâ Oracles that arrived in the second age (this was back when the Sílar were still in contact with their gods who told them to listen to these people even if they believed in a different deity).

The other thing was the currency. I realized I mentioned it in chapters 1 and 3, but the actual value of those coins wasn't exactly explained in relation to anything remotely modern. All of the conversions both are only for perspective and in US dollars because I actually live in the USA.

1 platinum shaso = $1,000
1 gold shaso = $100
1 silver shaso = $10
1 copper ecenn = $2
1 tin ecenn = $0.40

In the edited version of chapter 3, which hasn't gone up yet, Taliesin owes Rethos 8 gold and 5 silver or around $850. Honestly, stealing the Cazoera Crystal was both overkill and stupid considering he would never be able to sell it, and even if he could certainly not for it's full value of 34,000 platinum ($34,000,000). To be clear, this entire economic system was based off the average price for a loaf of bread so it isn't anywhere near perfect, especially with the value of the dollar as low as it is. Honestly, the system might be better compared to the value of the US dollar 20-50 years ago.

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